Why the new moderator of the SOWNY Board is my hero

Steve Kowch blog photoFrom where I sit On The Kowch, Iain Grant is my  new hero. Not because he is an icon in Toronto radio as a host, program director, producer and technical whiz. But because as the new moderator of The Southern Ontario/WNY Radio TV-Forum, Iain is not politically correct when it comes to setting down the rules on who can join The Yellow Board.

This is the second time that Iain has come to the rescue of The SOWNY Board. It didn’t work the first time. But this time he makes it very clear that you play by his rules or you will be banned. He also blacklisted the trouble makers by refusing to let them login as members. They can visit, but he won’t let them play in his sandbox.

“Play nicely or f$ck off” –  Iain Grant

Iain Grant is the moderator of the online SOWNY media board

Iain Grant, my new hero

“This is not a public service, it’s not a democracy, it’s not a social experiment. It’s a private forum that users are allowed to participate in. Don’t be a dick! You have no God given right to post here. If I don’t like you. If I don’t like your posts,  either, or both will be deleted on a whim.” writes Iain Grant.

Iain is trying to bring some order and discipline to the Yellow Board that was the wild west of chat rooms. SOWNY had been taken over by trolls … people hiding behind silly names who would attack other posters with vicious name calling and possibly libelous posts or hijack the thread to talk about anything but the topic.

The SOWNY Board has been moderated by a handful of people over the years who tried their best to bring some order and decorum to the Yellow Board but eventually threw in the towel.

The new rules of the game for SOWNY members

This is a forum for information and discussion about radio and television related ‘stuff’ in and around, but not limited to, the Southern Ontario, Western New York area.If something interesting happens, post about it. If someone interesting dies, please feel free to post about it. I like obits. I like honouring people who contributed something, and not everyone has time to read every single source on the internet.

If in any way you don’t like these ground rules, don’t waste any more time, and click here.* I don’t want you as a participant. Personal attacks of any matter will be deleted. What is a personal attack? Easy…

If I think it’s a personal attack I will delete it. If it continues in any form, I’ll delete you.

That simple.

Sign in under one name. If multiple posts appear from a single IP Address, I reserve the right to delete all the accounts except the original one. Don’t be an idiot and create multiple accounts to facilitate a spirited discussion between you and your alter ego.

Alias’ are allowed. I understand why they are important, especially in this industry. BUT I want to know your real name. If you don’t feel comfortable giving me your real name and contact information, there’s a simple solution. Go here * instead.

You might think you’re being creative with an e-mail account or login name but if I discover you’re not who you say you are, or at the first sign of trouble, you’re gone. Keep it positive and don’t be an asshole. As they put it over at Quadcities, ‘don’t be a dick’.

This is not a public service, it’s not a democracy, it’s not a socialist experiment. It’s a private forum that users are allowed to participate in. You have no god given right to post here. If I don’t like you, If I don’t like your posts, either, or both will be deleted on a whim.

Also, please use real names for companies. We’ve heard all the ‘creative’ versions for Rogers, Corus, Bell etc. First time was funny, but the first time was years ago. It really is that simple. As Craig would have said ‘play nicely’ or go home. As Iain would say, ‘play nicely or f$ck off’.

Either way, if you don’t like the rules, this is your chance not to sign up. You’re more than welcome to participate as a viewer.

Iain Grant

From where I sit On The Kowch, I love Iain’s sense of humour when he tells people to click* on a broken link when they they don’t agree with his rules. It’s his way of telling people to F*ck Off.  This is pure Iain Grant. I worked with him for many years at CFRB. He doesn’t tolerate BS, is very vocal, very politically incorrect and a very talented technical producer, show producer, web master and has a great radio voice.

So far his rules and the banning of trolls is working. Everyone is playing nice on the Yellow Board. It has returned to what it once was – a place to exchange intelligent ideas about radio and TV. That doesn’t mean there aren’t strong opinions about the shows or hosts on radio or TV. Opinion is encouraged, even if it may sting radio and TV talent with sensitive egos.

Steve Kowch ran two of Canada’s largest newstalk radio stations in Montreal and Toronto for more than 14 years. He was National Director of NewsTalk Radio Programming for Astral Media. He was a professor at two of Toronto’s leading broadcast schools and is the author of  99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Making It BIG In Media  Today Steve is Canada’s leading media coach at kowchmedia helping emerging radio talent chase their dream to become great broadcasters.

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