The Best Radio Feedback Program™ 


frustrated radio host shutterstock_115126636You can’t grow as a broadcaster if you don’t get feedback on your on air performance. That's why we created The Best Radio Feedback Program™ to take your radio career to the next level. It all starts with The Radio Host Analyzer™ that helps identify your strengths and weaknesses as a broadcaster. Our coaching sessions are confidential. We work with you to make you a better radio host, while at the same time, help you to deliver on air what your PD is looking for from on air staff. We have successfully helped music radio announcers, talk show hosts, reporters and news anchors reach their full potential in radio stations where there is little or no feedback offered to the staff. Don't stay frustrated. Do something for your career. Sign up today for The Radio Host Analyzer™.

Radio Host Analyzer

The Analyzer is FREE. So is my follow-up 30 minute telephone consultation to analyze your responses and discuss how to make you a better broadcaster, work in a larger market and make more money.

The Radio Host Analyzer™ is the first step in The Best Radio Feedback Program™, our exclusive approach to make you a star on the radio using what we refer to as Three Cs: Consult, Critique & Coach. It all starts when you sign up below to become a Feedback™ member at no cost and no obligation to you.

Steve Kowch

Why it's important for your radio career to be a member of FEEDBACK™ 

FEEDBACK™ - short for The Best Radio Feedback Program™ - is not for everyone. It only works if you're willing to try new ideas, have a positive attitude and agree the status quo is never an option.

FEEDBACK is for broadcasters who are serious about their radio career. Who wake up every morning chasing their dream to be a star on the radio. Who are willing to invest time and resources to make that happen.

Is this you?  Then I want to talk to you and help take your career to the next level. To prepare you for the opportunity to move to a larger market, host a show in a better time slot and make more money.

FEEDBACK™ can help you do all that! Sign up today, receive the Radio Host Analyzer, fill it out in a matter of minutes and discuss the results in your personal one-on-one 30-minute consultation with me. There is no cost and no obligation.

- Steve Kowch

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John Moore

John Moore, Newstalk 1010 Toronto

"Steve Kowch has a special skill for spotting raw talent. Kowch hired me as an unpolished kid and coached me to one of the top radio jobs in Canada ... hosting the morning show on Canada's most listened to talk station, Newstalk 1010 in Toronto."

Craig T. Power

Craig T. Power, Bell Media Radio Kelowna BC.

"Steve's indepth knowledge of the entire business of radio was paramount in helping me to establish myself as a new up and coming broadcaster and news anchor. I would highly recommend Steve for coaching, teaching and guiding anyone in this business."