What is The 25% Club?

25% Club logoThe most exclusive club you can be a member of in radio is the 25% Club. This is the Club that guarantees success. When you’re a member, you beat the competition every day.  How do you join? It’s simple. First, you must have a dream. It all begins with the burning desire to do something with your life.

          It’s your dream. You own it and no one has the right to tell you to stop chasing your dream.

The next requirement to be a member of the 25% Club is to have a positive attitude.  Believe in chasing your dream. Be the best at what you can do.  And never assume a negative outcome when you start a project.

It’s easy to beat the competition when you’re a member of the 25% Club, because 75 per cent of the people you work with or compete against are negative, defeatists, lazy and forgot about chasing their dream.

 Positive Beats Out Negative All The Time

  •  A 25% Club member gets the interview because they always assume the person they call will grant them an interview. The 75% Club member assumes the person won’t grant them the interview so they don’t even bother to call and ask!
  • A 25% Club member is usually first on the scene of a breaking news story because their instinct says go even if there is no confirmation of what is happening. The 75% Club member doesn’t go because they automatically assume there is no story.
  • Members of the 75% Club, instead of trying to figure out HOW to get the job done, they tell anyone who will listen that it CAN’T be done. A member of the 25% Club doesn’t believe in the word CAN’T.  They don’t waste their energy on CAN’T. That word doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. They’ll find a way so that it CAN be done.
  • There is less competition when three in four reporters are members of the 75% Club. Wouldn’t you rather be the one in four who gets the story or the guest for your radio show, because you’re a member of the 25% Club?
  • If you’re part of the 25% Club who has the right attitude, you’re part of a select group that stands above the crowd in your market. Members of the 75% Club are lost in the crowd! They’re invisible.

If you’re part of the 75% Club you won’t stand out at work. If you don’t stand above the crowd at work, how will the competition even know you exist to offer you a job?

Lets face it, in difficult economic times when budgets are being slashed, management culls the heard by getting rid of the weakest employees. Usually those with the targets on their backs are the negative 75% Club employees who find all kinds of reasons not to do their jobs the way management needs it to be done.

Those who get a reprieve from the axe man are the more positive 25% Club employees with a positive attitude and good work ethic. They are usually more productive and more valuable. They’re the ones management will get rid of last.  A positive attitude leads to job security even when budgets have to be cut.

A positive attitude is just as important for everyone working behind the scenes in radio like researchers, producers or operators.  They’re the unsung heroes of any newsroom, master control or the on air hosts.

Great producers and operators with the right attitude, make average radio hosts stars! Some shows are successful because of a great team of 25% Club members.

People who are charter members of the 25% Club have a positive attitude and don’t give up. Every NO is another reason to keep going to get the interview, the guest or the story.  It becomes a challenge. It’s the thrill of the chase! It’s what chasing your dream is about. It’s like closing the deal in sales! It’s all about getting the interview before anyone else.

It’s a game we play every day in radio. Like all games there are winners and there are losers.  Champions have a positive attitude. You win a championship going into the final game with a positive attitude. The same is true every day when you go to work in radio and are surrounded by members of the 25% Club.