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At kowchmedia we believe you should chase your dream if you want to be in a play by play broadcast booth overlooking a hockey rink, baseball diamond, lacrosse field or football stadium calling the game as it unfolds.  We asked Bruce Barker to share his 30-years of experience as a play by play announcer in this latest FREE kowchmedia eBook: Bruce Barker’s Secrets of Sports Play by Play Success. (eBook cover design by Matt Cundill, host of Sound Off Podcast) It is a MUST READ eBook for anyone doing play by play on the radio. There are 23 tips in this eBook to help play by play announcers be great calling the games on the radio. We hope Bruce Barker’s tips will help play by play announcers to get a shot at the big leagues. To order your FREE copy, email Write Sports in subject line. 

Radio Consulting

Bruce “Barks” Barker has been in sports radio for 35 years as a reporter, sportscaster and play by play announcer. He has covered the World Series with the Toronto Blue Jays, the Stanley Cup finals with the Calgary Flames and the finals with the Edmonton Oilers. He has racked up gazillions of kilometres travelling on the bus with regional/provincial hockey, baseball, football and lacrosse league sports teams across Canada. He was also the In-Arena voice of three National Lacrosse League teams (Toronto Rock, Calgary Roughnecks and Edmonton Rush).

Order your FREE copy today, email Write Sports in subject line

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Are you doing sports play by play and want Bruce Barker to air check how you call the games on the radio? Email to book your FREE consultation You’ll be surprised how affordable his air check sessions are.

Sound Off Podcast with guest Bruce Barker & a Video Tribute

In late 2016 Bruce Barker sufferred a stroke. He spent all of 2017 working with his team of doctors to recover from the stroke. At the end of January 2018, Bruce was a guest on the popular Sound Off Podcast hosted by Matt Cundill to talk about his career and his long journey back to health. Click here to listen to the podcast.

On The Road To Recovery Video produced by Toronto Rock

Sports play by play is reality radio on steroids.  This encompasses everything that makes a great radio announcer who has no script. Play by play announcers  speak at the speed of a puck hit by a slap shot, a baseball hit by a slugger or a football or soccer ball kicked into a net.

You gotta be an adrenaline junky who loves traveling with a pack of jocks on a bus from one small town to the next…wherever hockey, baseball, football, soccer or lacrosse is played in Canada and the United States.

The play by play announcer shares the dream of the players who hope one day to be in the big leagues. The goal is as elusive for the play by play announcer as it is  for the players on the field or skating across the ice.