Seven Secrets of Radio Success

Introducing our new eBook: The Seven Secrets of Radio Success

Seven Secrets of Radio Success

The Seven Secrets of Radio Success will help make you a better broadcaster. email and write Secrets in the subject line. Secrets include • how to be a great story teller and how to succeed in any music format.

Table of Contents

Secret #1 It is all about talent – Page 3

Secret #2 How to be a great story teller – Page 5

Secret #3 It’s not about the radio format – Page 7

Secret #4 Chase your dream to succeed in radio – Page 9

Secret #5 How attitude can make or break your career – Page 11

Secret #6 The importance of air checks – Page 13

Secret #7 Should I go or should I stay – Page 15


What broacasters are saying about the Seven Secrets of Radio Success

Doug Gibson, Radio Manager

Essential for new broadcasters are Secrets #1 about talent and #2 about story telling.  Our Station is generally the first radio gig for most who bring in tons of enthusiasm.   The tips given will certainly go a long way in their development.  In addition, Secret #6 about the importance of air checks is the key to harness the power of Secrets 1 & 2.   I will post a copy in our Station for all to review and will direct them to your website as well.

L.W., Former Radio PD

This eBook is a MUST read for those who are moving towards radio, and to those who need a reminder of why they got into radio in the first place. It is factual, honest and full of common sense when it comes to one wanting a career in radio. It also is a book I would recommend a lot of PDs take a look at. Both sides are shown in this eBook and honestly, if you don't look, don't take this to heart, then you really should be looking elsewhere than radio for a career.