Radio Host Analyzer™

You can’t grow as a broadcaster when you don’t get the feedback you need from your program director

FREE Radio Host Analyzer can help this broadcasterStop being frustrated by the lack of feedback about your on air performance! Order your FREE Radio Host Analyzer™ today that helps identify your strengths and weaknesses as a broadcaster. The 10-point score card takes only minutes to complete. 

To receive the Radio Host Analyzer  send an email to and write Radio Host Analyzer in the subject line.  There is NO cost and NO obligation. We email you the Radio Host Analyzer. You fill it out. Email it back  with your phone number. We discuss your 10 points that reveal what your strengths and weaknesses are as a broadcaster and what you need to do to improve your on air performance. It’s that easy!


Only at kowchmedia: The Best Radio Feedback Program™ is FREE

FEEDBACK™ – short for The Best Radio Feedback Program™ – is not for everyone. It only works if you’re willing to try new ideas, have a positive attitude and agree the status quo is never an option.

FEEDBACK is for broadcasters who are serious about their radio career. Who wake up every morning chasing their dream to be a star on the radio. Who are willing to invest time and resources to make that happen.

FEEDBACK can help take your career to the next level. To prepare you for the opportunity to move to a larger market, host a show in a better time slot and make more money.