How To Stay Out of Trouble

What the eBook Guide To Staying Out Of Trouble On the Radio is all about

Staying Out Of Trouble On The Radio eBookThe best way to stay out of trouble on the radio  is to know and understand the rules of the game before you turn on the microphone. It is not just WHAT you can’t say on air. It is also about WHY you can’t go there.

This exclusive eBook Guide To Staying Out Of Trouble On the Radio is filled with the Do’s, Don’ts and Why’s of broadcasting. You will find all the rules in this eBook Guide from the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB), the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA Canada)

This is must reading for ALL who speak on the radio in any format – especially if you take calls from listeners or discuss controversial issues on the radio. There are a lot of landmines out there when you’re on the air and get involved in a heated debate. This eBook Guide will help you step around those landmines and rescue you, when you end up crossing the line.

As an added bonus for radio program directors, news directors and general managers, this eBook Guide has an entire chapter about our winning formula for dealing with complaints from radio listeners and the CBSC.

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Here is  the eBook Guide’s table of contents:



Regulatory framework and general principles about what hosts can and can’t say on the radio


Tips to hosts on how to stay out of trouble on the radio


My guide on how managers should deal with complaints



Frequently asked questions from the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council

Highlights of Canadian Association of Broadcasters Equitable Portrayal Code 

Canadian Association of Broadcasters Code of Ethics 

Radio Television Digital National Association Code of Ethics 

Elections Canada rules governing media’s role during elections 

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