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kowchmedia consultant Steve Kowch helps broadcasters with their radio demoSteve Kowch has listened to almost a thousand demos over the years as a radio Program Director and News Director.

“Unfortunately, most of them didn’t hold my attention for more than 30 seconds before they ended up in the reject pile.”

That’s why Steve has written The kowchmedia Guide To Creating Killer Demos to help you avoid the same mistakes he has heard over and over in almost 20 years of listening to demos from broadcasters and radio students graduating from college and looking for their first job.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in music radio, talk radio, news  or sports. Here are just some of the things you will learn about how to create killer demos that get noticed when you signup below to receive a FREE copy of The kowchmedia Guide to Creating Killer Demos:

  • Find out the first thing you need to do before even starting to create your demo.
  • Find out the number one mistake people make when they offer a Program Director or News Director their demo.
  • Find out the number one thing you need to do when creating your demo to keep the Program Director or News Director listening.
  • Find out what five of the best Program Directors in North America want in a demo.
  • Find out the number one thing Program Directors and News Directors are looking for when listening to a demo.
  • Find out why Program Directors or News Directors prefer to receive demos by email.
  • Find out how long Program Directors and News Directors take to send a demo to the reject pile.
  • Find out how to turn a rejection into a positive that will improve your on air sound.
  • Find out what the one thing a Program Director or News Director doesn’t have the right to tell someone whose demo is rejected.
  • Find out how kowchmedia can help you  create a killer demo. You will be surprised how little it costs.

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