By The Numbers: Halifax 2016 Spring Radio Ballot Ratings

Breakdown of Spring 2016 A12+ and A25-54 Ballot Ratings of Halifax Radio Stations

Numeris logo replacing BBM logoThe 13 week Radio Spring 2016 ballot ratings in Halifax were conducted February 29 to April 24, 2016 by Numeris. Anyone 12 years of age or older living in a randomly selected Halifax residence by Numeris was eligible to fill out a ballot for one week. Participants listed the radio station’s call letters they listened to in 15 minute time blocks. At the end of the week, they mailed their ballots back to Numeris to be tabulated. In all, there were 13 weekly groups of ballot holders who participated in the Newfoundland ratings.

Results provided to kowchmedia by Bell Media include the ratings for Adults 12+ and Adults 25-54.

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Halifax Spring 2016 ratings

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Halifax Spring 2016 A25-54 ratings

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