Some of my favourite summer time On The Kowch blogs

Steve Kowch shares his favourite summer time On The Kowch BlogsFrom where I sit On The Kowch, it’s time to enjoy the good weather with family and friends during the hot hazy days of July and August. So, I’m going to take a break from writing my blog (first time in four years).

Instead, here are some of my favourite summer time On The Kowch blogs.  There are a lot of new readers so for many of you, this will be an opportunity to catch up on what you didn’t get to see in past summers.

The first blog deals with taking advantage of the summer months to polish off your resume and demos to apply for jobs in radio. The reason is if there are changes coming in the Fall in time for the important Fall ratings that begin at the end of August or on Labour Day depending if your market has ballots or using PPM.

Believe it or not, summer is also a good time for management to fire people in radio to make room for changes during the Fall ratings. So check out my second suggested blog.

While staying with the theme of new jobs and the possibility of having to pack your bags and move to another market, I have advice for what to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend in my third suggested blog.

The fourth blog I suggest you read is what to do on the radio during summer storms. In the winter, radio hosts think nothing about talking about the snow storm. But for some reason, thunder showers are not always something hosts want to drop what they had planned to talk about and this can cost lives … thunder storms can turn into severe storms spawning tornados very quickly without much warning. If you’re in radio … you want to read this blog to learn how to put listeners first.

The fifth blog is just a great read about how it’s easier for FM music stations to keep people listening than it is for talk radio.

My sixth and last suggested reading of the summer is my blog about how to salvage your radio career when things go bad.

I’ll be back with a new On The Kowch blog Labour Day … play safe. Don’t drink and drive and enjoy your time with family and friends this summer.  I know I will.