Ratings: the to-do-list

 Five things to do to prepare for ratings

  • Evaluate the station’s show clocks to see if you can do a better job where you place your commercials, your show promos and service (news, traffic and weather) liners. In talk radio, find a way to create more talk time with less interruptions. In music fine tune the list of songs on air.
  • Produce new show intros, bumpers, station IDs and new promos for the shows, new on air talent and the station’s ratings promotion.
  • Listen to the station and fix what sounds old, boring and predictable.
  • Sit down with each announcer for an air check of their show. Discuss how the show or their on air performance can be improved.
  • Throw a party for all staff – hosts, producers and their ops to pump them up and create some bonding. Most will have been away for a few weeks over the summer. Do the same thing for the news department.