CBSC Complaints

Everyday someone is offended by what they hear on the radio

How do you handle complaints from radio listeners or the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council? Does your radio station have a policy on how to respond to the listener? Do you know the rules when it comes to dealing with the CBSC?

This eBook can help you stay out of trouble with the CBSCOur experience shows that a mishandled response can elevate a minor listener’s complaint to a fire storm that may cost thousands of dollars in legal expenses to resolve the issue. This is why there is a whole chapter on how managers should deal with complaints in our exclusive eBook Guide to Staying Out of Trouble On The Radio.

There are seven rules in our winning formula the General Manager or the Program director must follow to win their case with the listener or the CBSC:

  • Rule One: Don’t assume your host has done anything wrong.
  • Rule Two: Bite your tongue. Don’t get defensive with the complainant.
  • Rule Three: Don’t Assume the complaint will go away.
  • Rule Four: If the listener misunderstood what was said on air, call, don’t email them.
  • Rule Five: Some form of contrition is best when the listener’s complaint has merit.
  • Rule Six: Everything changes when the CBSC gets involved.
  • Rule Seven: It’s not over until it’s over.

We have the experience and a 99 per cent success rate when it comes to handling CBSC  complaints. When you have a complaint you need help with, call us at 647 521-6397 or email

The 50-page kowchmedia eBook Guide To Staying Out Of Trouble On the Radio includes all the code of ethics from the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC),  the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB), the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA Canada) and Elections Canada.

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