CRTC Applications

We’re here to help you every step of the way to apply to the CRTC to launch your very own radio station

CRTC LogoLooking to buy a radio station? Or launching a new radio station? Than you will need to make an application to the CRTC. At kowchmedia we have an experienced team to help take you through the process.

While we have a good track record of successful applications, there is no guarantee you will win the license. There are all kinds of variables at play during the application process that includes:

  • If there is competition for the license or to buy the radio station, the CRTC may hold a public hearing to provide an opportunity for all parties to have their say.
  • If there is no competition it could be an administrative decision where the Commission bases its decision on the documents provided by the applicant.
  • If there is objection to either the sale of the radio station or the launch of a new station in a market, than the Commission can decide to hold a public hearing and let everyone have their say.

The process is also a long one. There is no fast tracking a CRTC application.

kowchmedia helps with CRTC applications for a radio licenseOur team is familiar with the process and will help you every step of the way. We help complete all the paper work and  documents to be filed to the CRTC. We have the engineers needed to file reports about the coverage area of your signal and investigate to determine if your proposed station’s signal will interfere with existing radio stations.

We write the  Supplementary Brief that includes a description of what you want to do with the radio station including the format, programming, what kind of music you will play, how you will support emerging artists, and how much you will invest in Canadian Content Development (CCD).

We  write the 20 minute oral presentation for your team if there is a public hearing into the application. We coach your team on how to deliver the oral presentation and how to respond to questions from the Commissioners.

kowchmedia helps TTP Media win three Montreal radio licenses

kowchmedia helped TTP Media win three radio licenses at the CRTCkowchmedia worked with Montreal’s Tietolman Tetrault Pancholy Media on its applications to the CRTC for two news talk radio stations and one French sports talk radio station in Montreal. Steve Kowch helped write TTP Media’s Montreal application and spoke at the CRTC application hearing for the French language talk radio license and the English language talk radio license. The TTP Media presentation earned high praise from CRTC commissioners. We were successful in winning the French language license for 940AM and the English language license for the heritage 600 AM frequency in Montreal. We also worked on the application for a French sports talk station on 850AM that was approved at a non-appearance CRTC meeting. The French talk radio station and French sports talk radio station are expected to be on air by Fall 2016. The English talk radio station is planned for 2016.

First step to launching your new radio station is to call 647 521-6397 or email for a free consultation with our team.

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