kowchmedia Press Release: New Client

kowchmedia to develop & coach new on air talent at Radio That Doesn’t Suck.com and Talk-Radio.ca 

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“This is an exciting opportunity for kowchmedia to work with online radio talent and podcasters heard around the world on RTDS.ca and Talk-Radio.ca I look forward to working with the new generation of online radio and podcasting talent  to help them chase their dream to have a successful career as broadcasters,” says kowchmedia President Steve Kowch.

There are a dozen hosts on Radio That Doesn’t Suck who play the music they choose with an eye to deeper tracks, undiscovered artists and musical eras that are underplayed on traditional FM radio. It’s sister station, Listen Up! Talk Radio is home to a half dozen talk shows and six podcasts. Hosts discuss the issues of the day without being dismissive or disrespectful.

Todd Miller, President of RTDS.

Todd Miller

“Welcome to the brave new world of talk radio,” says Todd Miller, president of RTDS that owns Listen Up! Talk Radio. “We look forward to having Steve Kowch share his expertise with our on air talent at both radio stations. Steve Kowch is one of Canada’s leading on air talent coaches who has worked with some of the biggest names in Canadian broadcasting while program director at Newstalk 1010 in Toronto and CJAD in Montreal.”

“At RTDS we unofficially call ourselves a music discovery service,” Miller says and goes on to note the similarity to Spotify or Pandora except with DJs to introduce the tracks and add a human touch to their selection.

“The RTDS format is inline with kowchmedia’s philosophy that DJs need to be given more time to talk between songs to return personality back to music radio,” says Kowch. “What we do at kowchmedia is mentor music radio hosts how to tell stories to connect with their listeners.”

“What attracted us to kowchmedia is Steve’s philosophy about story telling. You just need to read his On The Kowch blog to understand where he comes from and why he has been so successful coaching people in radio to tell great stories,” says Miller.


Contact Information:

Todd Miller: 416 258-4801 | tm@rtds.ca

Steve Kowch: 647 521-6397 | steve@kowchmedia.com