Justin Trudeau and Blue Jays to boost talk radio ratings

On The Kowch blog looks at influence of Justin Trudeau on radio ratingsFrom where I sit On The Kowch, God Bless Justin Trudeau and the Toronto Blue Jays for giving talk radio more reason to listen in the final days of Fall ratings! On Election Night the Blue Jays beat Kansas to stay alive in its journey to the World Series and Trudeau won his journey to 24 Sussex Drive. All this bodes well for talk radio. Everyone will want to talk about these two stories and talk radio is the place to be.

The day after the night before, political junkies and baseball fans listened to talk radio to discuss the winners and losers on and off the field. Making it another great day for talk radio during the important Fall ratings.

Voter turnout in the federal election was the highest in the past 20 years. Canadians wanted to vote in a change or try to keep their party in power. This will result in improved ratings for talk radio during the campaign. Justin Trudeau and The Blue Jays in their winning ways can help rating increases for the next few weeks.

The Numeris PPM Fall ratings in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver end on November 29th. In the other radio markets across Canada, the Numeris diary ratings end November 1st. That means if  the Blue Jays go all the way to the World Series, the first five games take place during the diary ratings. If the World Series goes to Game Seven, that’s on November 4th and the five PPM markets are still in ratings.

But that’s a lot of IFs. If the Blue Jays don’t win the American League Championship Series than the shelf life of talking baseball will be very short.

When it comes to the election results,  right wing talk show hosts (and their even more right wing listeners) won’t be happy with the Liberals winning the election. I find talk show hosts have very thin skin and will be the ones moaning the loudest about the outcome of the election. So sparks will fly when listeners supporting the Liberals call in to gloat about Justin Trudeau actually being ready to run the country.

But from where I sit On The Kowch, you can only do that kind of talk radio until listeners want to move on to talk about something else. The biggest challenge facing the talk show hosts in this post election period, is to know when it’s time to stop talking politics. To change gears and start talking about the issues that matter to listeners and what THEY want to talk about. Talk Radio ratings depend on this.

Steve Kowch ran two of Canada’s largest newstalk radio stations in Montreal and Toronto for more than 14 years. He was National Director of NewsTalk Radio Programming for Astral Media. He was a professor at two of Toronto’s leading broadcast schools and is the author of   99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Making It BIG In Media   Today Steve is Canada’s leading media coach at kowchmedia helping emerging radio talent chase their dream to become great broadcasters.

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