How to avoid a media sh*t storm when things go bad

Why Steve Kowch Is Your Best Bet To Coach You On How To Deal With The Media In Good Times & Bad Times

Helps you deal with the media

Coaches how to prevent you or your company from being caught up in a media sh*t storm

In good times, Steve Kowch coaches individuals and companies on how to tell their stories in the media. How to handle media interviews or being a guest on a radio or TV talk show. Put your best foot forward and generate positive publicity. He also helps keep your foot out of your mouth when you or your company is in the news for all the wrong reasons. His experience on the front lines of newspaper and broadcast journalism is what sets him apart from other consultants. That’s why Steve Kowch should be your choice to prep you or company executives on how to deal with the media in good times and bad times. Don’t wait for the media to be at your door. Call 647 521-6397 today or email to book your one-on-one media training session today.

Steve works around your busy schedule. The coaching takes place at your office during the day, evenings or weekends. All you need to do is block out four hours of uninterrupted time of your day.

Half Day One-On-One Media Training Session

Former journalist, radio news director & program director Steve Kowch hosts a four-hour, one-on-one coaching session to prep you for radio, television and print media interviews. Don’t worry about taking notes, Steve will provide you with printed highlights at the end of the session along with a certificate for completing the course.

It starts with the process of preparing for the media interview:  

How to identify your message
How to stay on message during the interview
Tips on how to answer tough questions
How to tell your story

Steve will work with you on the delivery of your message:

How to be natural and be yourself during the interview
The importance of having an exciting animated delivery
How to avoid the umms
How to start your answer to the question

Learn how to look great on TV and have the right body language:

Where to look when answering the question
What to wear for the interview
What to do with your arms, hands and legs
The importance of body language on TV

How to respond to questions in a no holds barred mock interview:

Tough questions to help work on your responses
Offering tips on how not to fall victim to the pause following your answer to a question

How to survive a press conference or a frenzied scrum of reporters:

How to stay focused when everyone is shouting questions at you
How to keep your cool under pressure to get your message out
What to do if you don’t know the answer to the question
How to answer a question that may make you or your company look bad

Session ends with Question and Answer period to deal with things Steve may not have discussed that you feel it is important to know.

The fee is $500 + HST
Group rates available