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What to do when you get no feedback from your PD

Steve Kowch explains why feedback is important for radio hosts to grow as broadcastersFrom where I sit On The Kowch, the main reason many young broadcasters aren’t getting feedback about their on air performance is because today’s program directors are too busy to air check the talent who need it most – those hosting shows on the weekend, mid afternoon, evening and overnight.

Today, most PDs only have time to work with prime time talent in morning and afternoon drive where most of the station’s ratings and revenue are generated. So how does someone starting out at a radio station get the feedback they need to grow?  Continue reading

Some of my favourite summer time On The Kowch blogs

Steve Kowch shares his favourite summer time On The Kowch BlogsFrom where I sit On The Kowch, it’s time to enjoy the good weather with family and friends during the hot hazy days of July and August. So, I’m going to take a break from writing my blog (first time in four years).

Instead, here are some of my favourite summer time On The Kowch blogs.  There are a lot of new readers so for many of you, this will be an opportunity to catch up on what you didn’t get to see in past summers.

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To be a member of Radio’s 25% Club you need the right attitude


Steve Kowch is the president and founder of the 25% ClubFrom where I sit On the Kowch, the most exclusive club you can be a member of in radio is the 25% Club. This is the Club that guarantees success. When you’re a member, you beat the competition every day. How do you join? It’s simple. First, you must have a dream. It all begins with the burning desire to do something with your life.

It’s your dream. You own it and no one has the right to tell you to stop chasing your dream!

The next requirement to be a member of the 25% Club is to have a positive attitude. Believe in chasing your dream. Be the best at what you can do. And never assume a negative outcome when you start a project.

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143 million Americans listen to online radio a month in 2015

On The Kowch blog looks at Online RadioFrom where I sit On The Kowch,  the latest Edison Research and Triton Digital study on consumer adoption of digital media is a real eye opener. Fifty-three per cent of Americans 12+ listen to online radio every month up from 27 per cent five years ago. This year 119 million Americans listen on a weekly basis! While these are U.S. figures, there is no doubt in my mind that in Canada, online radio listening is almost as popular. That’s why I agreed to an interview on Joseph Planta’s popular podcast to mark kowchmedia’s 4th anniversary:

Click here to learn how online listening gives radio a new lease on life in Canada

What the researchers at Edison and Triton have to say about their study:

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