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#4 Five things that create killer radio demos

Steve Kowch blog photoFrom where I sit On the Kowch, this is a busy time for college or university J-students and broadcast radio students putting together their demo to get their first job or an internship. So much rides on the demos students are putting together. I tell my students the first 30 seconds are crucial. If you don’t grab the program director or news director’s attention from the get go you’re dead in the water! Continue reading

#3 Why morale is so bad in radio

Steve Kowch blog photoFrom where I sit On The Kowch, there are a lot of unhappy people these days working in the media. There are days after I speak to people in the media about how unhappy they are that I have to bite my tongue and not say what are you complaining about at least you have a job. Chances are their boss doesn’t bite their tongue and tells them the same thing – which only makes matters worse for the unhappy employee.

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