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Top Ten On The Kowch Blogs for 2013

The Top 10 list of the most popular On The Kowch blogs in 2013 is based on Google Analytic data of how many people clicked on a particular blog in 2013. The more clicks, the higher up in the rankings. Some of the blogs on the list are recent while others are in the archives and date back as far as 2011. A blog posted in 2011 about how to prepare a demo tape, for example, has been in the Top 10 List for the past three years. Lets start the countdown with #10 The Future of Talk Radio.

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#9 Mayor Rob Ford Scandal boosted Toronto Talk Radio Ratings

Steve Kowch blog photoFrom where I sit On The Kowch, it came as no surprise that ratings in November for talk radio stations in Toronto were up because of Mayor Rob Ford’s Crack Smoking Scandal. The Fall PPM ratings were released on December 5, 2013 and show big rating increases at the height of the scandal during the month of November for Toronto’s four news and talk radio stations.

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