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Justin Trudeau and Blue Jays to boost talk radio ratings

On The Kowch blog looks at influence of Justin Trudeau on radio ratingsFrom where I sit On The Kowch, God Bless Justin Trudeau and the Toronto Blue Jays for giving talk radio more reason to listen in the final days of Fall ratings! On Election Night the Blue Jays beat Kansas to stay alive in its journey to the World Series and Trudeau won his journey to 24 Sussex Drive. All this bodes well for talk radio. Everyone will want to talk about these two stories and talk radio is the place to be.

The day after the night before, political junkies and baseball fans listened to talk radio to discuss the winners and losers on and off the field. Making it another great day for talk radio during the important Fall ratings.

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Top Three Mistakes Talk Show Hosts Make On Radio

On The Kowch Blog looks at the Three mistakes talk show hosts makeFrom where I sit On The Kowch, I’m hearing the same three mistakes talk show hosts make whenever I listen to talk radio in Canada and the United States.  It used to be inexperienced talk show hosts made these mistakes. Today, these mistakes have become a new trend in talk radio. And I don’t like it!

I don’t know who to blame for these mistakes. Is it the talk show host or the talk radio program director? Whoever it is, they’re responsible for creating bad talk radio. It’s time for talk show hosts to get back on track and stop  making these three mistakes: Continue reading