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What to do when you get no feedback from your PD

Steve Kowch explains why feedback is important for radio hosts to grow as broadcastersFrom where I sit On The Kowch, the main reason many young broadcasters aren’t getting feedback about their on air performance is because today’s program directors are too busy to air check the talent who need it most – those hosting shows on the weekend, mid afternoon, evening and overnight.

Today, most PDs only have time to work with prime time talent in morning and afternoon drive where most of the station’s ratings and revenue are generated. So how does someone starting out at a radio station get the feedback they need to grow?  Continue reading

To be a member of Radio’s 25% Club you need the right attitude


Steve Kowch is the president and founder of the 25% ClubFrom where I sit On the Kowch, the most exclusive club you can be a member of in radio is the 25% Club. This is the Club that guarantees success. When you’re a member, you beat the competition every day. How do you join? It’s simple. First, you must have a dream. It all begins with the burning desire to do something with your life.

It’s your dream. You own it and no one has the right to tell you to stop chasing your dream!

The next requirement to be a member of the 25% Club is to have a positive attitude. Believe in chasing your dream. Be the best at what you can do. And never assume a negative outcome when you start a project.

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Why young DJ’s are prisoners of small market radio stations

Young woman is just one of many frustrated radio DJs in Canada

Steve Kowch coaches DJs From where I sit On The Kowch, too many young radio announcers are stuck in small radio markets because no one is coaching them, helping them to become better broadcasters. Over worked program directors (many hosting their own three to four hour shows) only have time to aircheck the morning and afternoon drive show hosts. Any announcer hosting a show outside of the 6a-10a and 4p-7p Monday to Friday time slots are pretty much left on their own. You only need to listen to their show demos to understand how lack of coaching through airchecks makes them prisoners in small market radio stations. Lack of feedback rob young broadcasters of chasing their dream to be hired by radio stations in a larger market. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Why July is a good month to send out resumes and radio demos

Steve Kowch says July is a good time to send radio stations resumesFrom where I sit On The Kowch, July is a good month to send out resumes and demos for that new job in radio. That’s because radio management is probably looking now at who they want to replace come the Fall ratings in September.

Don’t be fooled by the lazy, hazy days of summer. There’s a lot of meetings going on between radio program directors and general managers this time of year. I always found July and August was my crazy period as a program director.  We had to deal with budgets and figure out who was staying and who was leaving before the end of August to make sure severance costs weren’t carried over into the new fiscal year starting September 1st.

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