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Global and CBC News look at using drones to cover breaking news

On The Kowch Exclusive

Steve Kowch was first Canadian blogger to look at using drones for breaking news coverageFrom where I sit On The Kowch, there’s an interesting debate going on at Canada’s television news networks about the use of remote controlled drones for breaking news coverage. Both Global News and CBC News told kowchmedia in a series of exclusive interviews, that they have been looking into the use of drones as a potential news gathering tool. Only CTV declined to comment on its position of drones being used for breaking news coverage.

“It’s a timely question, as we’re in the middle of a discussion internally about what our approach should be when it comes to employing this technology,” says Jack Nagler, Director of Journalistic Public Accountability and Engagement, CBC News. Continue reading

December ice storm and blackout in Toronto boosts radio/TV ratings

On The Kowch Blog looks at how the blackout boosted ratingsFrom where I sit On The Kowch, I find it amazing how PPM technology today allows TV and radio stations to zoom in on how ratings were impacted on a certain day because of a major event. Take the December, 2013 ice storm and blackout in the Greater Toronto Area.

Bell Media’s new Cross Media Research Team looked at the PPM ratings between December 20 and 22nd to figure out how GTA residents consumed media on those two days. With new Personal People Meters (little electronic receivers people wear that records what  radio or TV stations they have tuned to) researchers were able to pinpoint where residents turned for news on the ice storm and subsequent loss of electricity for 300,000 homes.

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Worth Repeating: Radio must broadcast severe weather alerts

Steve Kowch blog photoFrom where I sit On the Kowch, summer time is about hot and hazy weather with high humidity that leads to severe weather and great summer radio ratings. Now, I know it’s not nice to think of ratings at a time of people’s misfortunes. But that’s how radio people think. And it’s not a bad thing because in order to get those ratings you have to take into account the need of your listeners when bad weather strikes.

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Why elections don’t generate radio ratings

On The Kowch blog photoFrom where I sit On The Kowch watching the Spring 2011 PPM video analysis from Astral Media (no longer available on YouTube since Bell bought Astral Media) I was not surprised by their findings about how an election campaign doesn’t generate ratings on a newstalk radio station except on election night.  Astral’s indepth PPM analysis of how newstalk radio stations in Toronto, Montreal (French and English), Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver is the first concrete evidence of radio listening habits during an election campaign. Continue reading