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Top Three Mistakes Talk Show Hosts Make On Radio

On The Kowch Blog looks at the Three mistakes talk show hosts makeFrom where I sit On The Kowch, I’m hearing the same three mistakes talk show hosts make whenever I listen to talk radio in Canada and the United States.  It used to be inexperienced talk show hosts made these mistakes. Today, these mistakes have become a new trend in talk radio. And I don’t like it!

I don’t know who to blame for these mistakes. Is it the talk show host or the talk radio program director? Whoever it is, they’re responsible for creating bad talk radio. It’s time for talk show hosts to get back on track and stop  making these three mistakes: Continue reading

Why July is a good month to send out resumes and radio demos

Steve Kowch says July is a good time to send radio stations resumesFrom where I sit On The Kowch, July is a good month to send out resumes and demos for that new job in radio. That’s because radio management is probably looking now at who they want to replace come the Fall ratings in September.

Don’t be fooled by the lazy, hazy days of summer. There’s a lot of meetings going on between radio program directors and general managers this time of year. I always found July and August was my crazy period as a program director.  We had to deal with budgets and figure out who was staying and who was leaving before the end of August to make sure severance costs weren’t carried over into the new fiscal year starting September 1st.

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Global and CBC News look at using drones to cover breaking news

On The Kowch Exclusive

Steve Kowch was first Canadian blogger to look at using drones for breaking news coverageFrom where I sit On The Kowch, there’s an interesting debate going on at Canada’s television news networks about the use of remote controlled drones for breaking news coverage. Both Global News and CBC News told kowchmedia in a series of exclusive interviews, that they have been looking into the use of drones as a potential news gathering tool. Only CTV declined to comment on its position of drones being used for breaking news coverage.

“It’s a timely question, as we’re in the middle of a discussion internally about what our approach should be when it comes to employing this technology,” says Jack Nagler, Director of Journalistic Public Accountability and Engagement, CBC News. Continue reading

Can Los Angeles PPM Ratings Scandal Happen In Canada?

On The Kowch Blog looks at PPM ratings scandal in USFrom where I sit On The Kowch, the media loves a great scandal – especially if it’s when radio is caught with its hand in the PPM ratings’ cookie jar like what happened in Los Angeles earlier this year.  The juicy tidbits include: cheating, denials, confirmations, embarrassment, investigation, finger pointing, firing and a lot of headlines in the press. L.A. is America’s largest radio market. $1 billion is spent on radio advertising based on the results of Nielsen’s Portable People Meters (PPM) ratings system.

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