By The Numbers: Toronto Spring 2018 PPM Ratings

Toronto Spring 2018 PPM Ratings were conducted February 26, 2018 - May 27, 2018.  A12+ Spring 2018 PPM & A12+ Spring 2017  PPM results are courtesy of Numeris. David Bray & Partners provide 2018 Spring and 2017/18 Winter  PPM results for A 12+ and 25-54 demos.

We're trying something different with the Toronto Spring 2018 PPM Rating results. We want to use the same criteria of how broadcasters and Program Directors earn PPM rating bonuses. So we are comparing the findings of the Spring 2018 PPM ratings with the Spring 2017 PPM rating results.  Broadcasters get their rating bonuses based on Fall to Fall, Winter to Winter and Spring to Spring ratings. By providing Spring '18 and '17 rating results you can compare who is UP, DOWN or FLAT. David Bray adds 12+ and 25-54 demo results for both Spring 2018 and Winter 2017/18 PPM ratings, to give you more perspective on the ups and downs of radio ratings from this Spring to last Winter's rating period.

Dynamics of radio listening changes from season to season

In the spring, snowbirds return home from warmer climates. Life returns to normal. Listener work schedules are back to normal.  Morning drive and afternoon drive radio are impacted because more people are listening now that they have returned home from Christmas and winter breaks. That is why we need to compare one rating period to the same period a year earlier to see if radio stations and its programming go up, down or stay flat during PPM ratings.

Who's Up  Who's Down ⇓ Who's flat ⇔ from Spring 2018 to Spring 2017

Toronto Spring 2018 A12+ PPM Top Line Ratings

CHFI -FM ⇑ CBC Radio One ⇑ Newstalk 1010 BOOM-FM ⇑ 680NEWS CHUMFM ⇓ Q107FM⇔ Talk640  Virgin FM⇔ KISSFM⇔ TSN RADIO ⇓ FAN590 

Compare Toronto Spring 2018 PPM Ratings A12+ to Spring 2017 A12+ PPM Ratings to determine if station is up, flat or down in latest ratings

Toronto Spring 2018 PPM Ratings

By The Numbers: Toronto Spring 2018 A12+ Top Line PPM Ratings

Toronto Numeris Spring 2017 A12+ PPM  Ratings

By The Numbers: Toronto Spring 2017 A12+ Top Line PPM Ratings


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2018 Winter PPM ResultsToronto: Bragging rights in the Toronto Spring 2018 PPM Ratings. At the top of the ratings heap go to CHFI-FM once again with a 12.2%  share of hours tuned for A12+ (down from 14.6 in the Winter book when it played 24/7 Christmas music in December). BOOM-FM leaps into the #1 spot with the ladies 25-54 delivering a 15.2% share (up from 8.6%) followed by CHFI-FM with a 14.4% share (down from 17.9%). BOOM-FM also holds the #1 spot for males 25-54, posting an 11.1% share (up from 6.9 % in the last 13 week book). In an unusual twist, CHFI-FM leads the way for M18-34 with a 10.3% share followed by BOOM at 10.2%. For F18-34, CHFI-FM tops the list posting a whopping 23.6% (down from 24.2%).

David Bray’s individual radio station numbers include A12+, W25-54 & M25-54. He compares Spring 2018 PPM ratings (in red) to Winter 2017-18 PPM ratings (in black).


Toronto Spring 2018 PPM Ratings

David Bray & Partners provided Spring 2018 and Winter 2017/18 PPM ratings.


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