By The Numbers: Montreal Summer 2018 PPM Ratings

Montreal Summer 2018 PPM Ratings were conducted May 28, 2018 - August 26, 2018.  A12+ Summer 2018 PPM & A12+ Summer 2017  PPM results are courtesy of Numeris. David Bray & Partners offer 2018 Summer and 2018 Spring  PPM results for A 12+ and 25-54 demos.

Compare the findings of the Summer 2018 PPM ratings with the Summer 2017 PPM rating results. By providing Summer '18 and '17 rating results you can compare who is UP, DOWN or FLAT. David Bray adds 12+ and 25-54 demo results for both Summer 2018 and Spring 2018 PPM ratings, to give you more perspective on the ups and downs of radio ratings from Summer to Spring rating periods.

Dynamics of radio listening changes from season to season

In the summer, radio listenining habits change drastically - especially for talk radio when people chill out and tend to listen to FM music stations on the deck or in cottage country. It should be noted that unlike the Fall and Winter Books, the Summer Book is rarely used to determine rating bonuses. That's because hosts are on vacation and lessor known part time hosts are filling in. And many listeners abandon local radio when they go out of town on summer vacations.

Who's Up  Who's Down ⇓ Who's flat ⇔ from Summer 2018 to Summer 2017

Montreal Summer 2018 A12+ PPM Top Line Ratings

CJADThe Beat  Virgin  ⇓  CHOM  CBC Radio One ⇑ TSN  ⇓

Compare Montreal  Summer 2018 PPM  Ratings to Summer 2017 PPM  Ratings to determine if stations are up, down or flat in A12+ demos 

Montreal 2018 Summer PPM Ratings

Numeris Montreal 2018 Summer PPM Ratings

Montreal 2017 Summer PPM Ratings

Numeris Montreal Summer 2017 PPM Ratings A12+


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David Bray compares Summer 2018  to Spring 2018 A12+ & A25-54 PPM ratings below ad

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2018 Winter PPM ResultsAnglo Montreal Bragging Rights:  For A12+ CJAD 800 is #1 with a 28.1 share (down from 29.4 share in the Spring).  For F25-54 The Beat 92.5 is #1 with a 27.9 share (up from 26.2 in the Spring).  For M25-54  CHOM-FM is #1 with a 25.0 share (up from 24.1 in the spring).


Montreal Summer 2018 PPM Ratings

David Bray & Assoc. Montreal Summer 2018 PPM Ratings

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