By The Numbers: Edmonton 2017 Fall PPM Ratings

The Edmonton 2017 Fall PPM Ratings were conducted August 28 - November 26. A12+ Fall PPM results are courtesy of Numeris. David Bray & Partners provide Fall & Summer PPM results for 25-54 demos.

The dynamics of radio listening changes from season to season

We're trying something different in this Fall 2017 PPM Rating results. We want to use the same criteria of how broadcasters and Program Directors earn PPM rating bonuses. So we are comparing the findings of the Fall 2017 PPM ratings with the 2016 Fall PPM rating results.  Broadcasters get their rating bonuses based on Fall to Fall, Winter to Winter and Spring to Spring ratings. 

The dynamics of radio listening changes from season to season. In the Fall, life returns to normal after the lazy, hazy days of summer of listening to music radio at the cottage, on the deck or by the pool. Listeners return home to their favourite radio station from cottage country or out of town vacations. You will notice lower ratings in the Summer below with David Bray's breakdown of the Fall and Summer 2017 PPM ratings. Adults and students are getting up early again to go to work or school. This impacts morning drive and afternoon drive radio. Traffic is congested again. More cars back on the road means more people listening to radio than they did while on vacation. That is why we need to compare one rating period to the same period a year earlier to see if radio stations and its programming go up or down in the PPM ratings.

Who's Up  Who's Down ⇓ Who's flat ⇔ 

Edmonton 2017 A12+ FALL PPM Top Line Ratings

CHED #1  102.3 NOW #2  Sonic 102.9 #3 ⇓ CISN Country #4   Capital FN #5 CBC Radio One #6  Bear 100.3FM #7 ⇑   Kiss 91.7 #8  840CFCW #9 ⇑  K97 Classic  Rock UP99.3 ⇓  95.7 CRUZ FM   

Edmonton Fall 2017 Numeris A12+ PPM  Ratings

Edmonton Fall 2017 PPM ratings

Edmonton Numeris Fall 2016 A12+ PPM  Ratings

Edmonton 2017 Fall PPM Ratings

Edmonton Fall 2016 Numeris A12+ PPM  Ratings

2016 Winter PPM Results

Edmonton Bragging Rights: 102.3 NOW Radio rules the roost for A12+ posting a 9.7% share of hours tuned (down from 10.9%). NOW! Radio takes top spot for F25-54, delivering a 14.1% share (down from 16.9%). NOW also tops the list for M25-54 with an 11.9% share (down from 13.0%). For M18-34, Sonic leads the way posting an 18.3% (up from 15.3%). For F18-34 Sonic delivered a 16.8%.

David Bray’s individual station numbers may be different than the Numeris Top Line ratings above because of how he calculates the ratings. His comparisons in black are from the Summer 2017 PPM rating periods. As explained above, listening habits change in the summer because listeners are away at the cottage or travelling. As a result ratings are lower during Summer ratings compared to Fall ratings. 


David Bray & Partners provided Fall 2017 PPM ratings (in red) and Summer 2017 PPM ratings (in black). 


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