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How To Stay Out Of Trouble

Know the rules. How our eBook Guide To Staying Out Of Trouble On the Radio may help save your job one day. Read More

CRTC Application

Want to launch a new radio station? We help write the license application & prep you for the CRTC hearing.  Read More


kowchmedia Exclusive: Fall 2017 PPM and Diary Rating Results For Radio Stations In Canada

Fall PPM rating results for Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vanouver are now posted on kowchmedia. Find out which radio stations went up or went down. Check out the Numeris Top Line results for A12+ and through our partner at Bray & Associates, we also have 25-54 demo results too. Compare the Fall 2017 PPM results with those from the Summer 2017 and Fall 2016 rating periods. Just click here for all the PPM rating results including for CBC Radio.

kowchmedia also has your connection to the Numeris Top Line results for the Fall 2017 Diary Ratings.  Click here to see list of the different rating periods. Click on Fall 2017 for Sept. 4-Oct. 29 13-week rating period. You have five regions to choose from: Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies and British Columbia. Choose your region by clicking the  >  to the left of a region to see list of the Numeris radio markets. Click on the market you are interested in. Scroll down to see the other markets in that region.  To see results for another region, unclick the  > and choose another region. Results listed are for A12+. We include CBC radio results.


Santa Recommends 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Making It BIG In Media

Making It BIG In Media is a great Christmas gift for young and old broadcasters, students and media buffs. For more information about the book or to order click here.

Making It BIG In Media is a great Christmas gift for young and old broadcasters, students and media buffs. For more information about the book or to order for delivery in time for Christmas click here.


    It’s not WHAT you talk about 

                                                     It’s HOW you talk  about it

FREE career-changing tips include you need to be a story teller on the radio  how to choose the right radio format to excel in  how your success is tied to chasing your dream every day  The club you NEED to join to help make your dream come true to order The Seven Secrets of Radio Success Email and write Secrets in the subject line.


kowchmedia EXCLUSIVE

Canadian Podcast Listener Study finds 41% of Canadians now listen to Podcasts

The latest On The Kowch Blog has an exclusive preview of The Canadian Podcast Listener Study that tells us more than we’ve ever known about Canadians' podcast habits and interests. The Canadian Podcast Listener: A Landscape Study is a two-phased study of more than 4,000 Canadians who are telling us that "Podcasting is becoming an increasingly important part of the Canadian conversation."

This is a study that for the first time offers the Canadian perspective on podcasting by filling in the gaps on listener demographics, Canadians most listened to podcasts and how and when they listen to podcasts. There are also insights about how people discover podcasts and thoughts about advertising. Click here to read the On The Kowch blog about why 10 million Canadians now listen to podcasts.

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10 million Canadians listened to a podcast this year. kowchmedia can help produce your business podcast to promote your products and services to the 41% of Canadians who listen to podcasts on a regular basis. Call 647 521-6397 for a FREE consultation or email


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We coach talent in all radio formats to be better broadcasters
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 Testimonials from two podcasters

Jason DeFillippo

Jason DeFillippo, Grumpy Old Geeks Podcast

I've been producing podcasts such as The Art of Charm Podcast for almost 5 years as well as behind the mic for just as long on the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast. As a professional listener of podcasts as well, it's easy to fall into the traps of habit and thinking you know everything. Thank god for Steve and his brilliant coaching! He helped with all areas of our presentation, audience interaction, co-hosting, and banter. After the first session the difference in our shows has been night and day in a great way. His experience is invaluable and I think everyone who has a podcast or plans to start one needs to spend a few sessions on Steve Kowch's couch.

Jason Harbinger

Jason Harbinger, Art of Charm Podcast

I've been broadcasting for over a decade both online (The Art of Charm Podcast) and on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. I felt like the show was good, as we had over 3 million monthly listeners, but I knew there was a way to make it even better, I just couldn't put my finger on it. Steve at kowchmedia brought in his years of experience and listened with fresh, but expert, ears, giving us absolutely priceless feedback that was nuanced enough to apply to a professional, and impactful enough to make a difference. I am confident that my producer and I will be working with Steve for years to come.

Click here to learn more about our two-for-one kowchmedia podcast coaching sessions

Technology Analyst & Journalist Carmi Levy Testimonial

Radio Tech Guru Carmi Levy

“From where I sit, you're THE authority in radio and media best practice in this country.”
- Carmi Levy

Carmi Levy is a leading technology journalist and analyst, with insight into how technology is reshaping the way we work and live. He writes for some of the leading publications in Canada, and is a frequent on-air contributor on radio and television when technology-related news needs additional perspective.


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