Music Radio

Get to your next station by building a personality in the 20 seconds between songs.
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News & Talk Radio

In news, nothing beats hustle.In talk, don’t ask questions.Challenge callers. Big time!
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On-Air Hosts

The big secret: know how you will end the story before turning on your microphone.
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It’s Not What You Talk About … It’s How You Talk About It!

WSteveKowch_blog_img_long_versionelcome to our new  home

There is a lot of new stuff on this website. We’re very proud of the new features we’re introducing to our many clients, broadcasters and students of radio in all the colleges and universities. New features include The 7 Secrets of Radio Success, our exclusive eBook Staying Out Of Trouble On The Radio and expanded tips on How To Create Killer Radio Demos. We have also produced four 90 second videos with tips about how to tell a story, how to stay out of trouble on radio, why music radio deejays need a voice between songs and how being a member of the 25% Club will help advance your career and boost your ratings.

kowchmedia is all about Radio Talent Coaching and Consulting. Our new site is designed to be a resource for emerging radio talent, broadcasters, broadcast journalists, news directors, program directors and general managers.  We suggest you spend some time browsing the site – especially the Talent Coaching Page and The Radio Coaching Page  where you will find a unique collection of 18-info-boxes, filled with valuable tips that can be used in the studio, the newsroom and the corner office.

No visit to would be complete without reading the latest On The Kowch blog.