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New kowchmedia EXCLUSIVE: Results of the Winter 2017 PPM Radio Ratings in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Includes A12+ CBC numbers. Other demos include A12+, A25-54 and A35-54 for the commercial radio stations. Click here to see the ratings in each of the five Canadian PPM markets.

Click here for the Fall 2016 Numeris Fall Ballot Rating results for many radio stations across Canada.

On The Kowch Blog Exclusive: Why new Online Radio Diary has negative impact on Fall 2016 ratings that may cost Canadian radio stations millions of dollars in lost revenue  click here to read the blog

Matt Cundill's Sound Off Podcast feature interview with Steve Kowch about radio, news, podcasts and making it BIG in media 

On Matt Cundill's Sound Off Podcast I talk about radio, news, journalism schools and what makes a good podcasts. Hint: this podcast is a great example of how to host and produce a podcast. Matt starts with a clip of the guest (me) and then goes straight into the interview. The beauty of this podcast is that it is focused on the topic. No idle chatter about things the listener doesn't care about. Matt gets straight to the topic at hand. Click here to hear the podcast. I offer a lot of tips in the interview on how to be a better broadcaster, podcaster, program director and the importance of having a positive attitude to make it big in media.

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Testimonial from the best selling author of Power Primer 2.0 for editing his new library of four eBooks

Eric Bach - Fitness Coach and Author Power Primer 2.0 eBook Series

Thank you for all your help editing the four eBooks in the Power Primer 2.0 Series. I’ve already been getting excellent feedback on the readability of the program, despite some of the hard science. I appreciate your efforts to make the text easy to read and understand.

Eric Bach - Fitness Coach and Author Power Primer 2.0 eBook Series
Power Primer

It's Not What You Talk About ... It's How You Talk About It!

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Testimonial from Nationally Recognized Technology Analyst & Journalist Carmi Levy

Radio Tech Guru Carmi Levy

“From where I sit, you're THE authority in radio and media best practice in this country.”
- Carmi Levy

Carmi Levy is a leading technology journalist and analyst, with insight into how technology is reshaping the way we work and live. He writes for some of the leading publications in Canada, and is a frequent on-air contributor on radio and television when technology-related news needs additional perspective.

Book about making it big in radio

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